[hcl] ThinkPad T14 G2 AMD

Qubes-HCL-LENOVO-20XLS0AD00-20231219-212606.yml (1.1 KB)

-Qubes 4.2.0
-Used workaround to fix WiFi break on suspend - unload and reload drivers in sys-net using suspend-module-blacklist & increase sys-net memory to 600MB (Suspend/resume troubleshooting | Qubes OS and Wifi errors on resume from suspend - #6 by Ruckus8997)
-Everything else tested so far just works; very fast


  • Any problems with installation - no problems
  • Was latest kernel required? - no
  • Were some additional kernel options required? - no

Basic Input

  • Keyboard - works
  • External USB mouse [if possible to check] - works
  • Touch-pad - works
  • Touch-pad supports “tap as click” and scrolling with 2 fingers works - works
  • Display brightness change shortcuts - works
  • Sound volume shortcuts - works
  • Keyboard led and keyboard brightness change shortcuts - works
  • Output of xinput --list from terminal of dom0 - command not recognized
  • Check if keyboard and/or touchpad is PS/2 connected (how to check) - passes test

Internet and bluetooth

  • Ethernet cable connection - works out of the box or actions were required? - untested
  • Ethernet cable connection - untested
  • Wifi connection - works out of the box or actions were required? - works
  • Wifi connection - speed, is reliable over the time? - works
  • Bluetooth - works out of the box or actions were required? - untested
  • Bluetooth - shows devices, connection process works, sound output or copying works - untested


Video [increase VCPU to the qube before test]

  • Fullscreen and windowed video playback of youtube - 720p/1080p/2K/4K in Firefox. Does it drop frames? good through 1080p
  • Video file playback of file using mpv/mplayer/smplayer - 1080p? Higher resolutions and bitrates? - untested
  • Multiple displays configuration works (using available DP/Thunderbolt, HDMI or other video ports - untested


  • Speakers (sound playback) (was sys-audio used?) - works, no sys-audio
  • Head-phones via 3.5" jack (works, automatically turns off speakers?) - works
  • Sound output via HDMI - untested
  • Audio-optical (S/PDIF) output - untested


  • Are fans silent on idle? - yes
  • Are fans noisier than on Windows/Linux?. If they are, was thankfan or similar software tried? - no, limited testing


  • Have you tried running Windows 10 HVM qubes? - not yet
  • Does CPU boost seem to be working properly? - unknown


  • Link to the laptop page on the brand website,
  • 1080p
  • 48GB (DDR4 3200)
  • CPU score (from [PassMark - 17,165])
  • Number of USB Controllers and if more than one: information what internal USB devices and USB ports are connected to which controller. - 3
  • Internal TPM - 2.0

Thanks for the report! I submitted it to our HCL repository and should be uploaded soon.




Thank you! I think this kind of report is way more useful for potential buyer or user of this device!

I run a T480S works really well but have been looking at a T14 G2 AMD as well so thanks for posting your data!

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