HCL - System76 Lemur Pro (lemp12)

I’m posting a HCL report for Systems76 Lemur Pro (lemp12) and Qubes version 4.1.2. Wifi, VPN (ProtonVPN), network printing, suspend, and second monitor (HDMI or Thunderbolt) are all working. Audio/microphone input works as well. I have two SSDs: one for Qubes and another one for additional storage (additional storage is easily accessible via the device manager). I haven’t checked Bluetooth. The webcam works for pictures and initially worked for video (Cheese app). However, at some point in the last two weeks of various Qubes updates and other adjustments, the webcam (video) doesn’t work anymore using the Cheese application. I need to troubleshoot the webcam video to see what happened.

The only initial installation issue was related to Wifi. I had to use the latest kernel install option on the ISO. Also, before installing Qubes, I updated the System76 firmware (Coreboot) via the original Ubuntu LTS install, even though my computer was the latest model.

Video playback performance (1080p) is good (and much better than I expected based on some forum comments), when I give an AppVM plenty of memory. My system configuration is maxed out at 40GB DDR5, and I’m using 20-30GB (max.) in any AppVM where I need to play video, which obviously means limiting the number of other running AppVMs. Video at 2160p is more of a problem, but again I expected that.

Finally, many thanks to the developers, testers, and the entire Qubes community for the distribution itself, as well as the content (HCL, Qubes documentation, community guides, forum discussions, videos, etc.). These resources have been tremendously helpful. As I learn more from using Qubes, I hope to contribute back.

brand: |
model: |
  Lemur Pro
bios: |
cpu: |
  13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1355U
cpu-short: |
chipset: |
  Intel Corporation Device [8086:a708] (rev 01)
chipset-short: |
gpu: |
  Intel Corporation Device [8086:a7a1] (rev 04) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])
gpu-short: |
network: |
  Intel Corporation Device 51f1 (rev 01)
memory: |
scsi: |

usb: |

- works:
  qubes: |
  xen: |
  kernel: |
  remark: |
  credit: |
  link: |


Thanks for HCL.

I do not think that that amount of memory is doing any good. It almost always is about vCPU number (CPU power in total) as Qubes OS uses software rendering. I do not know where qube would utilize more that 4GiB of memory for playing 1080p video.

Hi balko - Thank you for the tip. It is most appreciated. I’ve also been using 4-6 vCPUs in those AppVMs, but I will reduce the memory size as you suggest. Often, I am opening/watching/closing multiple videos on my second monitor, while doing something else in the same qube. At a higher memory level, things seemed run more smoothly for a longer period of time. That said, I will further experiment with vCPUs, memory size, etc., as I would like to increase the availability of memory for other purposes/qubes. Thanks again.

Thank you @qblast37 for this detailed HCL report, which is online now!