HCL Report Medion notebook


HCL Report
Medion notebook
Model S6445

Hello, I have been using Qubes as a dual boot with Windows since 2020. Windows has no access to the internet and is on a separate hard drive. After more than 600 days without update, all of a sudden the hard drive decryption stopped working. After reinstalling Qubes from the original stick several times, I noticed that this error always occurred when Firefox was connected to the Internet for even a few seconds. After that I went back to using Windows.
About 2 months ago I installed Qubes 4.1 on the same machine, after 7 days the disk decryption stopped working here too. I had little time and until then I had only downloaded programs via software with sys-firewall. After I installed Qubes 4.1 without Debian, I use the system already one month trouble-free. Everything works except for the built-in camera, I haven’t used Bluetooth yet.

Of course I have already installed several times programs in Fedora 38 with which Fedora 38 did not get along. I then restored the backup, but that did not restore the Qubes properly, so I then simply changed everything in the Qubes Template Manager to an earlier Fedora version and reinstalled Fedora 38 with sudo…
I am very happy, I have gotten used to printing and scanning from a stick. A program with which I can convert .mts files to mp4, suitable for Qubes, I am still looking for. I miss Windows only a little. The PC is felt as fast as under Windows.


Qubes-HCL-MEDION-S6445_MD61489-20230804-173106.yml (821 Bytes)


HandBrake is a great video transcoding program.

It is a pleasure to have you using Qubes OS. Thank you for your Hardware Compatibility List report.

Thank you @Lozi for your HCL report, which is online now!

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