HCL LattePanda-Sigma Intel SBC (single board computer) This SBC builds Qubes kernels in less then 30 minutes

This SBC is about the size of two decks of playing cards. I just built Qubes kernel 6.9-1 with it in a little under 30 minutes.

Qubes 4.2.1 installed on it without any work around.
Qubes-HCL-LattePanda-LattePanda_Sigma-20240513-143621.yml (978 Bytes)
Everything seems to work properly including the wifi and the built in ATmega.
The specs are below, I bought the 32G model with a 500G nvme and wifi preinstalled;

Processor CPU Intel® Core™ i5-1340P
Cores / Threads 12C(4P+8E) / 16T
Turbo Frequency 4.60 GHz(Performance-core), 3.4 GHz(Efficient-core)
Base Power 28 W

(BIOS Default: PL1 45W, PL2 64W)
Graphics Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics
Max Dynamic Frequency 1.45 GHz
Co-processor Microchip® ATmega32U4-MU

Memory Technology Dual-Channel, Samsung LPDDR5-6400(16GB), LPDDR5-6000(32GB)
Capacity 16GB,32GB

Storage Drive Form Factor M.2 SSD (NVMe/SATA), SATA Drive

Wireless Wireless Form Factor M.2 Wireless Module (PCIe/CNVio)

Display HDMI Port HDMI 2.1, Up to 4096 x 2304 @ 60Hz
USB Type-C Port DP 1.4a, Up to 7680 x 4320 @ 60Hz (One Monitor)
eDP(Embedded Display Port) eDP 1.4b, 4 Lanes, Up to 4096 x 2304 @ 120Hz

External I/O USB Type-A 2 x USB2.0 (480Mbps), 2 x USB3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps)
USB Type-C 2 x Thunderbolt™ 4 (40Gbps)
Ethernet 2 x 2.5GbE RJ45 Ports (Intel® i225-V Gigabit Ethernet Controller, Supports 10/100/1000/2500 Mbps, WOL)
Power 5.5mm x 2.5mm DC Jack
Audio 3.5mm Microphone Headphone Combo Connector
Sim Card Micro Sim Card Slot

Internal I/O USB 2.0 2.0mm Pitch 4-Pin Connector, 480Mbps
Fan 1.27mm Pitch,12V 4-Wire Fan Connector, PWM Control
SATA SATA 6.0 Gb/s Data Connector, 2.0mm Pitch 4-Pin Power Connector
Front Panel 2.54mm Pitch 9-Pin Header, Supports Power, Reset, Power LED, HDD LED
Front Audio Panel 2.54mm Pitch 9-Pin Header, Supports High Definition Audio (HD), Line-Out, Mic-in
COM 2.54mm Pitch 9-Pin Header,Supports RS232, RS485
GPIO 2.54mm Pitch 34-Pin Header, Including ATmega32U4 I/O Pins, 5V Power Pins, S0/S3/S4 State Pins
eDP 0.5mm Pitch 40-Pin Connector, 4 Lanes

Expansion Slot M.2 M Key Type 2280, Supports PCIe 3.0 x4

Type 2280, Supports PCIe 4.0 x4
M.2 B Key Type 2242/2252/2280, Supports SATA III/PCIe 3.0 x1, USB2.0, USB3.0, SIM
M.2 E Key Type 2230, Supports PCIe 3.0 x1,USB2.0, Intel CNVio

Security TPM Processor’s Built-in TPM (2.0)

Power Power Input 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC Jack: DC 12~20V
USB Type C: PD 20V
Attached Power Adapter 19V DC, 4.74A, 90W
RTC Battery CR1220 Battery Holder: 3V
1.27mm Pitch 2-Pin Connector: 3V

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