HCL - Dell Precision Workstation T5610

Here is the report of mi Dell Precision Workstation T5610 with Dual Xenon and 16GB of RAM.

The installation went smooth, 0 problems, the first time I logged in, and it went into sleeping mode and I couldnt wake it up. So I disable DPMS. I had to install official drivers on dom0 of nvidia because it couldnt handle well my K2000.

Qubes says I have TPM 2.0 and I do not have TPM 2.0. Only TPM 1.2.

HCL Attached.

Qubes-HCL-Dell_Inc_-Precision_T5610-20240304-233335.yml (928 Bytes)

Thanks for the HCL report! I just submitted a pull request to add it to the database.