HCL - Acter Nitro ANV15-51

The first time, the installation stopped at “Reached target Paths”. I had to deactivate VMD, but couldn’t see in it BIOS. It’s a ‘hidden’ parameter in the BIOS : Ctrl + S to see it in the advanced and deactivate it.

Then, everything went smoothly.

Using a USB/VGA hub to plug a second monitor, mouse and keyboard :

  • Monitor OK
  • Mouse OK (ask if I want to authorize it, then ok)
  • Keyboard : the doc is not updated yet (I plan to do it)
    – For Qubes 4.2, the keyboard policies are now in /etc/qubes/policy.d directory in the 50-config-input.policy by default.

I edited the rules directly from Qubes Global Config (Qubes Managers > System > Global Config and in the USB Devices tab).

Everything ok so far, but I think I had an issue with a restart (will check and update if needed).


HCL_Nitro ANV15-51.yml (1.1 KB)

Thank you very much for the HCL report. I just submitted a pull request to add it to the database.




Few more tests :

  • Sometimes the mouse pad “paste” information when I just tap (click) on it, and sometimes, it doesn’t “click” at all… I couldn’t identify specific app or scenario where it would do this more or never…

  • The HDMI is not enabled which I think is normal by default, still looking how to enable it :slight_smile:

  • The Libreoffice documents open has a tiny (tiny) thingy on the screen, have to enlarge the window, but I don’t think it’s laptop related, more Qubes/LibreOffice related, but I can live with that.

  • I couln’t manage to enable the camera (for video conference), but hadn’t had much time to investigate.

  • I can see 3 USB thing when I click on the USB icone :
    — 8087_0026 → doesn’t help much to know what this is
    — Quanta_Acer_HD_User_Facing_01.00.00 → I guess it’s the camera, but couldn’t make it work
    — ELAN-ELAN:Fingerprint → Which I guess is something with material fingerprint, so good to know it’s blocked here