Have different public IP addresses in each qube?

Before attempting to install Qubes OS, I was wondering whether it’s possible to have different public IP addresses in each qube, even with multiple qubes running at the same time. If possible, what would the setup for this look like? I would rather use a VPN instead of the Tor network.

You can have multiple sys-vpn’s:

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If you only have one NIC then you can achieve the same by using multiple
firewall qubes and some nftables magic, routing traffic from each
firewall through a separate IP.

OP mentioned use of a VPN. In this case you can set up multiple VPN
tunnels and allocate qubes to them as you wish.
This doesnt give different IP address in each qube - but makes traffic
from those qubes appear to come from different IP addresses.
I’m not absolutely clear what OP wanted, but these are all god working
suggestions, easily done in Qubes.