Has anyone used Qubes to host virtual servers?

I’ve been thinking.

It must be possible, maybe even commonly practised among the Qubes community, to use a high-end server machine installed with Qubes to host numerous virtual servers.

So I’m interested to know what anyone here has used theirs for to give me some ideas for if I ever have the opportunity to host virtual servers of my own.


Why would you do that? Qubes OS isn’t very good at this.

What would you recommend in this case? OpenStack?

Xcp-ng is based on xen, and designed specifically for server virtualization.


Not to host ‘numerous virtual servers’, but time to time I host one or two virtual servers on my setup.

For example, I hosted a lab server for students during a teaching session.
A ‘Appvm’ where I configured everything needed, and then I launched a ‘Disposablevm’ out of this ‘Appvm’.
So if the student break something I can quickly launch a new ‘Disposablevm’. and for the next session I can just relaunch a ‘Disposablevm’

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Proxmox - Powerful open-source server solutions or https://xcp-ng.org/

How do you expose ports from your Dispvm? I miss easy way to do it. Do you have any script for that?

I am using that for 4.1: Qubes-os port forwarding to allow external connections · GitHub
and that for 4.2: Qubes-os port forwarding to allow external connections · GitHub

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Out of curiosity, could you run Qubes on a VM in Xcp-ng?

No - Xen wants to see the hardware. There’s specific tools for specific jobs, not sure why u are insisting on using Qubes. Just use Xcp-ng

No. I mean can I run a Qubes virtual machine within XCP-ng?

Give it a try and report back. I’m curious how this whole thing goes.

One month ago I migrated most of the services I hosted on a cloud provider to my Qubes OS machine.
I have nginx & personal website + peertube + nextcloud + matrix server + searxng + dns server & doh (6 qubes, 3 are appvm, 2 are standalone. Many subdomaines).
Work as expected.

I have. Hosted a QubesOS mirror inside an AppV :slight_smile:

Just remember to set the folders containing any data as persistent, otherwise you’ll lose everything whenever you close the Qube :frowning:

Found that out more times than I would have liked :rofl:

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