Has anyone running the MSI Z690-A or Z790-P with Dasharo firmware experienced software crashes?

I have been having issues with applications crashing, most noticeably web browsers. Both Firefox and Brave would have tabs or the entire browser crash randomly, but other memory intensive applications would do the same, LLMs will randomly crash when loading.

I’ve not had the entire system crash, or any VMs crash, it’s only applications running inside the VMs that crash.

I recently flashed the MSI firmware, and it seems to have made the issue go away, which is why I think the issue would be related to Dasharo.

I’m using the Z790-P DDR5.

I suspect it might be related to the recent stability issues with the Intel 13th 14th CPUs.

Perhaps the MSI firmware is more stable with the default settings because it gives a higher voltage to the CPU than the Dasharo firmware.
Also, there are many parameters that control the voltage, such as AVX offset, but their values are not identical between the two firmwares, which could be making the difference.

The one thing I don’t understand is why only a single process is crashing, and not the entire domain or hypervisor.

I do think you are right about it could be default settings for the CPU, I was also considering if it could be related to the DDR5 memory.

On the other hand, if I’m the only one with the problem, it’s probably my hardware that is the issue, but the hardware seems to work just fine with the MSI firmware. I’m running the memory overclocked with XMP, without any issues using the MSI firmware.