Hardware requirements of Qubes OS in previous versions?

What are the hardware requirements of Qubes OS in previous versions? Mainly I am asking about the CPU.

I am asking because the equipment I have certainly does not support the latest version.

For security reasons you should always run the latest version. If you can’t run it due to the requirements you should probably consider other software like Tails OS.


If you know what you are doing (beware of numerous known and unknown security issues!) and still want to use old releases, you can search the system requirements in the Wayback Machine:

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For Qubes 3.2, the requirements were:

64-bit Intel or AMD processor (x86_64 aka x64 aka AMD64)
32 GB disk space
Legacy boot mode (required for R3.0 and earlier; UEFI is supported beginning with R3.1)


Fast SSD (strongly recommended)
Intel IGP (strongly preferred)
    Nvidia GPUs may require significant troubleshooting.
    ATI GPUs have not been formally tested (but see the Hardware Compatibility List).
Intel VT-x or AMD-V (required for running HVM domains, such as Windows-based AppVMs)
Intel VT-d or AMD-Vi (aka AMD IOMMU) (required for effective isolation of network VMs)
TPM with proper BIOS support (required for Anti Evil Maid)
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You can also just check out a previous state of the documentation or website repo. The entire history of the documentation and website are permanently preserved in the Git history.