[Hardware] HP laptops G8

I’m having a hard time picking new laptop for Qubes.
I have an option to buy second hand: either HP Elitebook 840 G8/Intel (budget option), or Zbook Fury G8 (pricey, but very tempting);
There are only AMD G8 Elitebooks in HCL, and no G8 Zbook’s (just G7)

I won’t be able to return it if Qubes won’t install.
Are there any users of aforementioned hardware ?
Any advice ?


i would look in lenovo legion.

several users reported that the cpu is work on qubes, but sometime they have incompatible firmware.

  1. Lenovo most of them is work, just black screen or hang isssue after reboot.
  2. Dell mostly problem in uefi entry.

not sure other vendor

Thank You for answering

Yes, Lenovo mostly works (there is enough evidence in HCL), but I do not want Lenovo; I find build quality to be subpar, and in comparison to HP, Lenovo’s service is a joke.
I’ve been using Elitebooks (older models) with Qubes for a long time, there were no problems whatsoever with them. Everything worked out of the box.
But there are no mentions on the forum about running Qubes on G8 Elitebook with Intel CPU, or G8 Zbook.
And to add to my dilemma - if Qubes won’t work, I’ll be stuck with the hardware.