Hardware Change due to Laptop defect

Hi all,

is it possible to rescue a Qubes Installation R4 without Backup ?

I ask because my Dell Laptop suddenly turned off due to Mainboard defect (Battery blew up)
First i thought with new battery it run again, but does not.

So when i buy the same Laptop (Hardware) and only take the hard disk from the old one is it running ?


Would go for it! Guess you only have to try out. But if it’s really the very same hardware model, then I see a chance, that Qubes will drive up without any issue.


Agreed. Even if it isn’t the same model, simply clone your disk and give it a try on the new hard drive… While hard drives are usually secured by full-disk-encryption that’s just for adversaries, you should have the password, thus access to all the data stored on the disk.

Is Qubes/Linux also that “clever” likewise Windows, so it would choose the correct drivers (during boot up) if it found itself on a new machine with slightly different hardware?

This question is just for me only. For interest…

based on this Anyone tried to take hard disk and use it another machine?, highly possible.

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Ok thanks

I will try and post the results

Ok it works. I have nearly the same Hardware
Only i had to change the Boot menu in Bios to legacy Mode