Hangs on initial system setup

I installed the system on USB, after restarting the computer, the process of initial setup began. During the installation of the templates, everything hung, I waited about an hour and it did not help. I had to force a system restart. Then everything started, but there are no templates and cubes (maybe something else). Is it possible to call up the initial system setup screen again without doing a full reinstallation from the beginning? To try again to install templates and cubes.

Hi @olimpset, welcome to the Community! To help you, we need to know which hardware you are using. Also, did you have a look at the HCL?

Hi. Yes, I looked at the system requirements, everything is there, there was no window with a warning about virtualization turned off. HP laptop (16 GB RAM, I5 11300, Nvidia RTX 3050).

The main installation process was successful, but the initialization did not work.

installed on a USB flash drive 128 GB, USB 3.0

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There was a similar problem on this link, but the problem was not solved.

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