HALT after spin-up of first VM

I’m inclined to believe it’s due to a BIOS setting, or unsupported hardware, but I figured I would post here for others to brainstorm with me. Attached is a Speccy TXT for review. It is a pastebin link, being as it is a lot of text for a post.

Basically, I am able to get through the installation of Qubes 4.2.0 stable and get to first boot, Qubes proceeds through most of the initial configuration just fine, installs its templates and creates the first initial admin and usb qubes, etc etc, but as soon as the first vm is spun up, my PC immediately powers off (HALT) and then starts back up (hard reset, not a soft reboot).

I’m inclined to believe that this is my CPU saying “Aw, hell no!” and protecting itself from executing instructions that it cannot effectively process, therefore limiting damage to itself.

Checking my BIOS, there is a IOMMU setting that is set to Auto, and I have SVM enabled, but I am not certain whether this issue is a BIOS config issue or hardware limitations.

I did check the hardware support list, and did see both a model that had the 7950x and another model that had an X670 board that were supported, but I figured that didn’t automatically mean that I was good to go.

Pastebin - PC Specs
Paste pass : qubes

I appreciate anyone who is able to provide some clarity; or at least support my theory that I am SOL.

EDIT: According to this HCL post, it could be IOMMU set to Auto, 4Kn on nVME and most of all the usb qube causing instant reboot. Will reattempt install and test. Hardware misconfig perhaps.

You can disable the autostart of the qubes and check the logs in dom0:

I solved it. It was in fact the IOMMU flag in bios set to Auto and USB qube as mentioned in the HCL link above. Qubes is running now.