Haiku-os HVM: no disk found

Using Qubes-os 4.0.4 and I’m trying to get a Haiku-os HVM up and running. I can get the Haiku ISO to boot and the live system works just fine… other than the fact that neither the live system, nor the Haiku installer see any disk other than the virtualized CDROM that it booted off of.

Anyone have any experience with Haiku-os and Qubes?


This may be related to the problem people run into with Android for instance. Android enumerates the provided virtual disk as xvda, but is trying to install the system onto sda. Or something like that. I’m not an expert on this. I suspect Haiku runs into the same problem.

See this github issue for a starting point if you want to investigate this further: Empty Standalone Qube Does Not Find Hard Disk on 4.0.3 · Issue #6295 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

This is a solution for a potentially similar problem under android: