Had to install new NIC card but not being seen in network manager

Ok guys,
My onboard NIC died and not working anymore. So I have to go and get a PCIe NIC card. I installed it in the slot. Start up my qube, go into devices in sys-net and dom0 sees it. Actually assigned it a address. But I still get no internet. I go into network manager GUI ( the icon you see up top by the clock) right click to look and it doesn’t even see this PCIe NIC card.

So would I in sys-net terminal do…


And follow the GUi to set this new pcie nic card up so it is added to network manager and I get internet back up?

Or is there a dom0 terminal cmds I need to do so that it is added to network manager, which is fedora?

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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I’m no expert but the culprits I have seen in the past has been the default gateway or lack of DNS.

In sys-net, can you ping anything on your local subnet by ip address? E.g. your router on that same subnet.

What was filled in for your dns hosts?

I think we might need to know more about the configuration in order to suggest other things to try.

Ok guys my best shot trying to explain
-I installed the new pcie NIC card
-Dom0 sees it and gave it a address
-Sys-net has it in the devices (already passed over to IT)
-Network Manager doesn’t have it, see this connection
When I right click the network manager icon up too by time/date>go down to>edit connections and click on that.
New window pops up and no network connections are seen in this window.
So my thinking is I have to add it to network manager so I can use it

Before my onboard NIC rj45 card died. If I would…
right click the network manager icon>go down to>edit connections and click on that.
New window pops up and I would see my network connection. From their I could open any of the tabs and edit
…ie MAC, filtering,

The most probable cause of this problem is the missing firmware for your network card in your sys-net template. Find which firmware package it needs and install it in sys-net template.

Yeah, I see that now.