Guide: Internet via USB tethering for noobs as me

I’ll be quick on this, since I’m away. Hopefully it’ll help someone. I’ll edit it properly in the weeks ahead.

So, I needed to connect to internet via USB tethering. Here’s how I do it.

  1. I didn’t choose during Qubes OS install sys-usb and sys-net to be handled together, but separately.
  2. I have more than one USB controllers (NOT ports!).
  3. For each controller, I created separate sys-usb, preferably based on minimals, thus reducing attacking surface.
  4. Each sys-usb is a-must disposable for security reasons.
  5. One of the controllers is strictly dedicated to USB mouse and/or USB keyboard, nothing else can be attached to it.
  6. For the noobs, for the other USB controller, in its sys-usb Settings->Advanced tab "Provides network" is checked. Let’s call that qube - sys-usb-teth.
  7. Detach any external devices you had on sys-usb-teth and restart the qube to bring it to clean state for security reasons.
  8. Connect your phone to the qube.
  9. When recognized, on the phone enter "Portable hotspot" setting, don’t turn it on, but only “USB tethering” option.
  10. In sys-usb-teth terminal now run

$ sudo NetworkManager

Yes, with privileges.

  1. Now check if it’s working by running there for example

$ ping

  1. If everything is OK, proceed to

  2. I have created sys-firewall-teth based also on disposable minimal template. Start it and set its NetVm sys-usb-teth.

  3. I have created sys-whonix-teth, and set its netvm sys-firewall-teth.

  4. Start your browsing dispVM and set for its netVM either sys-whonix-teth, or sys-firewall-teth (tor or clearnet)

  5. Everything should work flawlessly.

  6. After you finish, disconnect phone and don’t forget to restart sys-usb-teth before attaching again external devices to it, in order to bring it to clean state for the devices.

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