Gui-domain popup issue

Not sure if this is a Qubes bug or not but I’m hoping it is and someone can help me, when using dwm as a window manager popups don’t appear in front of the floating windows after switching focus once.

Not every program is affected by this chromium isn’t for example, firefox, thunar are common programs that are affected by this behavior.

To further clarify not all type of popups are affected in the same way, thunar’s right click menu still appears after switching focus, however the search box appears behind (by search box I’m referring to the one that appears after you type something inside a folder), relaunching thunar fixes it until you switch focus again, pressing ctrl+f also fixes it until you switch focus.

Firefox in the other hand is more problematic after switching focus I haven’t found any way to bring the right click menu to the front besides relaunching, also the Tor Browser security settings shield menu doesn’t appear in front ever (in floating mode).

@deeplow You previously used dwm did you find a way to work around this?

I haven’t used it in a long time. If I recall correctly I never got it to work even.