Grubenv not found with kernel-latest 6.5.8

I updated Dom0 for QSB-096, and also got kernel-latest updated from 6.4.x to 6.5.8.
After grub selection screen, I now get:

error: file '/EFI/qubes/grubenv' not found
Loading Xen 4.14.6
Loading Linux-6.5.8-1.qubes.fc32.x86_64
Loading initial ramdisk
Press any key to continue

Qubes does boot fine after pressing a key though.

Grubenv not found shouldn’t be an issue, it’s used for saved information between boots like which kernel you selected last boot, if it’s missing you should boot with the grub defaults.

I couldn’t boot either with 6.5.8, and had crashes and freezes with 6.5.x-6.5.6. Today I upgraded to 6.5.10-1 and everything seems fine for a half of day.
Qubes 4.1.2, Xen 4.14.6