Grub splash screen not showing up at boot

I have had Qubes installed in a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon gen6 for a while. The machine came pre-installed with Windows 10 before I installed Qubes upon it.

Can somebody help me understand or remind me why I never see the Grub splash screen when booting up? This is not very convenient should I need to troubleshoot… . My boot screen is a Lenovo one giving me access to the bios for example.

Has this maybe something to do with the way I originally installed Qubes or with the fact the machine came pre-installed with Windows before installing Qubes?

I have played with the bios but nothing I do makes any difference.

Is there something I can do to make this Grub splash screen show up at boot as it should in a Qubes installation?

Thanks in advance.

Not caused by “Fast Boot” or “Quiet Boot” in the bios ?

Thanks for the reply.

Comparing this Qubes installation with another Qubes machine I have, I realized the reason I do not see the grub splash screen at boot here is because grub is not installed. I do not understand how that is possible since I am fairly sure I did install grub at the time… but well, the fact is grub is not there now.

I am wondering whether having grub installed is important (for troubleshooting?) and if so, if there is an easy and safe way to re-install it now in my Qubes machine…?

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I use dual drive with default nvme (disk that comes with laptop) use windows.
and another nvme install qubes then i place /boot partition in flashdrive.