Graphic notifications package?

I’m trying to create a template based on the Debian 10 minimal template solely for VPNs, using Qubes-vpn-support. I’ve already gotten this to work with a Debian 10 template, but the big difference is notifications. When I use Debian 10, I get graphical popups by the tray that tell me when the VPN is starting, down, or connected. I cannot get my minimal template to do this. What package is responsible for those? I’ve tried libnotify-bin and qubes-gui-common but they didn’t do it.

libnotify-bin for notify-send and mate-notification-daemon should be it.

I simply install ‘dunst’ in my minimal template and it works. Dunst is a minimal notification daemon but very configurable.

If you want the notifications to look like all the other ones, install ‘xfce4-notifyd’ instead.