GPU virtualization is now available on client NVIDIA graphics cards

Source : this article
Is there a universe in which QubesOS support gpu virtualization ?
(I’m not asking if it’s going to happen in the short run, just if it could happen)
Thanks ! Give me hope please

As long as graphical devices are in dom0, they also cannot be safely proxied to other domains. This is because the various solutions to multiplexing access to the GPU at the GPU/driver level (which would expose the “full” GPU to a VM) are orders of magnitude more complex than running display drivers in just one place. We consider this added complexity too risky to put it in dom0. Errors in the drivers could expose dom0 to an attack, and attacks on dom0 are the biggest threat to the Qubes security model.

I guess this might answer it if I understand correctly.

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See also: Qubes gpu passthrough and Frequently Asked Questions | Qubes OS.

While technically true, I would say that even if you do it, Qubes OS is still much more secure than pretty much any other system.

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