GPU Passthrought error libxl rdm conflict


I failed to create a passthrough GPU VM on my Dell computer. It has 2 cards : one VGA Intel TigerLake-H GT1 and one NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3600 Mobile.

I work with this tutorial : Qubes OS article

For now, dom0 uses RTX 3600 so I try to use Intel VGA card to dedicated VM, but I will change later.

When I launch the VM, I have this error :

libxl_domain_device_construc_rdm : RDM conflict at 0x70000000 and
libxl__build_hvm : checking reserved device memory failed.

Is someone know how to solve this problem or how I can discover why there is a memory error ?



Change to Optimus in BIOS and passsthrough NVIDIA to HVM.

Thanks a lot for your answer. It seems to work correctly now.

I have to understand now how to parameter Xorg. In the tutorial, I have to connect the device with GUI and after I have to write :

qvm-pci attach gpu_gaming_archlinux dom0:0a_00.0 -o permissive=True -o no-strict-reset=True

It do not the same thing ? I don’t understand why but it seems it’s identical.



You can’t set permissive option with GUI so you’ll have to use qvm-pci for this if this option is required in your case.

You are welcome. Please mark the answer as solution for the sake of others in the same situation.