GPU Passthrough bug 3.5G


I did a passthrough from my GPU card. It works very well if I have 2G of RAM but failed with black screen on the the qubes with 4K. (Windows 10 qubes)

I used patching stubdom-linux-root fs (Qubes OS article) but it seems to not work. The name of the qubes is “gpu_GAMES” so no problem with naming…

I tried too to modify /usr/share/qubes/templates/libvirt/xen.xml but it failed too. :frowning:

Is someone has an idea ?



It is one of the main issues/regressions in Qubes OS currently (beside broken keyboard layout switch and mostly not working suspend/resume).
I do not think there is a solution, at least I saw a couple of topics that raised that problem and none had a solution.

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