GPU Acceleration

Ive read into documentation on ways of setting up this up
Create a gaming hvm

None of these have worked.
Qubes os would really boost my work flow if I be able to fully utilize my GPU

Is this at all possible?

What, specifically, are you looking to do? You can get a hardware GPU accelerated VM with separate outputs with the first technique, and the second, as I understand it, allows you to separate the GPU out from dom0 (currently, you would have some dom0 GPU acceleration, but that’s just useful for dragging windows around, as it’s not exposed to the AppVMs at all).

“General purpose GPU acceleration of AppVMs in Qubes” isn’t a thing I’m aware of.

Im looking to make a VM under windows 10 and linux that can fully utilize my gpu and I want to know how to configure that because all these options have not functioned for me.

Something that could be used for high quality video play back, playing video games and generally more intensive graphical applications.

The “Gaming HVM” option is the path you want to go down, then. You’ll need two GPUs (at least), and the secondary AppVM GPUs will need their own link to your display - you can’t interface them with the other windows in the “main Qubes UI” of AppVMs.

But, my normal advice is just to build two systems (or, if you really want, and are aware of the risks, dual boot). Keep all your critical data on Qubes, and play games/videos on the other system where you don’t do anything like access email, servers, etc.

Ive tried it and it wasnt successful for me but mabye it was I need to install drivers in the gpu accelerated VM first before anything else or no?

It’s possible to use it seamlessly as well:

GPU, I’m sorry, I’ve not actually done it. I just use separate hardware.

Interesting… thanks, I’ve not seen that before. I may have to mess with that at some point!

I attempt this and report back

Ive tried virtual gl with absolutely no success