GPA - how to get it?

Hello there,
Maybe you like command line based programs, I do not. They are always inferior in ease of use.

I already know this one, and I want to use it within a VM (made from fedora template).
I downloaded the tarball and so on, but it also needs GTK+ to install. And that in turn has dependencies as well.

I’ve noticed that the whonix-ws template includes GPA, so … how do I get it the easiest, most secure, into a VM made from the general fedora template?


Hi @BobTheBuilder

This is a general linux problem: how do I install software X if it’s not available into Linux distro Y.

Since GNU Privacy Assistant is not on the official packages on fedora if you want these requirements, you’re probably better of switching the template of that AppVM to debian, where it is avalilable as well (not only whonix).

So check if there is no program that you can’t do without on fedora and consider that change.

Unfortunately there is no easy way around it. Here are some summaries of the nighmares

  • download from website - you’ll have the pain of manually verifying the package signatures. Plus, regularly manually check for updates.
  • build from source - verify signatures and regularly rebuild.
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Flatpacks could be another answer since they’re available in most linux distros. But I don’t know much about their security implications.

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Hi Bob,
Try Kgpg for Fedor instead. It is similar to GPA but I like it better. You can also try Kleopatra.