Glowing feds cracking qubes os

Hi, does qubes os have some kind of anti disk encryption brute force so glowing feds have harder time brute forcing it? Is it possible to obtain some kind of copy of the hard disk that feds can brute force?

Then another question, is it enough to have a password which has fully “strong green bar” on the KeePassXC, you know when you type password the bar indicating the password strenght entropy.

I have tested my password is long almost fully green bar, but does feds crack that easily?


does qubes os have some kind of anti disk encryption brute force

qubes uses luks / cryptsetup, like pretty much any other distro. That can be brute forced, but depending on the password it may take a lot of time or computing ressources.

Is it possible to obtain some kind of copy of the hard disk that feds can brute force?

with physical access to the machine or root@ access in dom0 yes, you can create a “dd image”, which is a byte by byte copy of the original drive / ssd / whatever.

Then another question, is it enough to have a password which has fully “strong green bar” on the KeePassXC, you know when you type password the bar indicating the password strenght entropy.

I’m unfamiliar with both keepassxc and its green bar, but its reasonable to assume that the answer is yes. Qubes does not use keepassxc for disk encryption though.

but does feds crack that easily?

Not if you stole a bar of chocolate.

If luks encryption were easy to break, somebody would go fix it. However government bodies tend to horde 0day exploits, and we don’t know if they have one for luks.

If you mess up really hard, they will most likely get you to tell the password, which is faster and cheaper.

Given the low technical background you seem to have (no offense ofc, I started learning at some point as well) it is extremely unlikely that qubes can deliver what you are looking for. It can technically, but not if you don’t understand how it works.

Best way is to not do anything stupid. I’d recommend to buy a dog instead.

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I would not recommend to buy a dog!


There are tools out there that will show you how long different passwords will take to crack using massive cracking arrays.

It’s also much more likely if you have a sophisticated adversary that they will just try to implant a camera or microphone in your location to have a better guess as to your password if you are doing things that are extremely high risk such as being a political dissident in a totalitarian country.

The government may also have another way of brute-forcing LUKS encryption that people do not know about. There was at least one arrest in which a suspect in a serious case who supposedly indicated to others he had an incredibly long and complex password and had no idea how it was broken (and it was broken quickly enough that something other than typical brute-force cracking happened). There are likely many exploits that are not shared and not known to the public.

@tannerlambert mentioned your low level of technical knowledge. Everyone has to start somewhere but with your level of knowledge, which is extremely low, you are more likely to do things that will reduce your security and privacy. For example, based on the title of your thread, it gives away your country and an adversary and if you are connected to three compromised tor nodes or are using an email that is has exploits than you’ve already made mistakes if you are really trying to minimize the likelihood of being compromised. Take your knowledge and multiple it by over 10000, then have that person be law-abiding, then have them paid lots of money to work full-time to destroy people like you. You’ve now told that person they should be interested in you for some reason. You’ve just started learning things and you are being so reckless.

Qubes is better than no qubes but it doesn’t mean total protection. It’s just the best you can get for isolating components of the OS to prevent them from being compromised. There are still many other exploits.


Like @tannerlambert said there’s no way to know what the gl#wies can or can’t do. It’s good practice to assume they have the power of a god, because that’s where they’re headed if they haven’t gotten there yet. If you’re worried about a potential gl#w infestation, you’d be better off investing in physical security rather than digital. Secure your own physical integrity first and foremost. The worst you can do is let them catch you alive, because then they can torture you for your secrets, and don’t think they won’t because there are loopholes that allow them to even in “civilized” western “democracies”. One more thing to keep in mind is they may or may not have tech to extract the password from a freshly deceased brain, so, do with that what you will.

With that said, I do wish you the best of luck with whatever shenanigans you’re cooking. It’s gotta be something good for the proletariat if you’re worried about the gl#wies having an issue with you. May you live a long and prosper career in the war against the evil gods of this world.


Bit hardcore bro. Although I’ve seen sth on yt the other day where they told ppl with fancy electrode-hats “think of a giraffe” and they reconstructed an image of a giraffe with reasonable accuracy.
Post mortem I highly doubt though xD

This thread reminds me of a saying that I was once told by a sadistic psychopathic tyrant x) if you are not left wing with 20 you have no heart, and if you are still with 40 you have no brains.
Its not completely false I think.

My best advice for this topic is always: you can influence and change the lifes of the people around you, like friends, or people on the street that are helpless. Thats almost easy.
You are utterly unlikely to change society and politics as a whole.
The world is a bit fucked up, but thats ok, nobody is born with the right to live in a flawless and fair world. You can make the world better for others, just not as many as you currently seem to plan to do.

Also: I think you don’t want security, you want anonymity, which is two totally different things. Anonymity is also much more simple. All you need is a bit of cash:

  • leave your phone at home and your CC at home and only take cash
  • go somewhere to buy a used laptop with some OS pre-installed. Make sure cameras don’t see you go there
  • put sth over the camera of the laptop and use it somewhere where there are no cameras
  • wipe the laptop using a ubuntu live usb stick or sth
  • sell the laptop

Thats reasonably secure I think. You could use a private USB stick and if it doesn’t contain malware yet, you can even keep some files.

Security is a looooooooooooong road. I’ve been in this half my life and there are ppl in this forum that see me as a complete n00b (but: I have a life besides tech ;P).
So is anonymity, but I would argue that understanding anonymity from a technical POV is simpler than security.
Becoming “a hacker” and understanding why qubes is secure, and where it isn’t, and what might be wrong with it and so on will take many, many years.
If you follow my 4 steps above you can be reasonably anonymous pretty fast.

I’ll stick to my advice - its not worth investing your life to fight social injustice, as it simply doesnt work (well enough to do something crazy).

If you see somebody whos life is fucked up and you can fix it, go fix it. Do that for a while and you will need two hands to cound the people whos life you ACTUALLY changed for the better.
Also I really think you should get a dog :wink: xD

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got a link?

Good answers thanks for that, but let’s remember that the topic is hypothetical and I am not doing anything illegal. Qubes os is the perfect OS for me since i still isolate personas online i have been using it for a while now and i really enjoy, i do things very effectively now multitasking like a madman and i make actually more money now.

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Dogs are the best.


I used to believe TEMPEST was a hoax, then I found out it’s real. I refuse to let them fool me twice. I ain’t giving them the benefit of the doubt, not an inch of it. As far as I’m aware, we’re up against people with time travel and remote viewing tech.

You think one wing is better than the other? It’s the same damn bird :skull:

There are no people around me, and even if there were, what could I possibly do for them that’s going to save them from lifelong slavery once technocratic neo-feudalism hits the streets in full swing? :grimacing: You’re planning for decades when your enemy is planning for centuries… perhaps even millenia.

Jeez… and here I thought I was a glass half empty type of guy. I think the only people who are utterly unlikely to change things are those who don’t try and those who died trying. I’ll take the compliment in advance just in case.

A bit fucked up is fine. In fact I love a bit fucked up. I don’t think you’re letting yourself see the full scale of the problem here. If we let these people keep boiling the collective frog at this rate, we’re literally risking thousands of years of slavery to a new breed of genetically mutated and A.I.-powered superhuman elites. Laugh at my tinfoil hat if you want, but then ask yourself what’s really stopping them. :thinking: :exploding_head:

My cats would disagree… specially the one that fights the other cats. :skull:


For anyone interested in how encryption actually works, check out this video, which explains how AES flips a string of bits in a particular way to make it “indecipherable” without the key.

It’s probably one of the easiest explanations to understand, particularly if, like most of us, you haven’t written a thesis in cryptography.

If you’ve never had to know how computers store things (spoiler, it’s all in 1’s and 0’s), remember that computers are a collection of switches that are either ON or OFF (forget quantum for now, that’ll just confuse you). Letters and numbers are also stored in strings of 1’s and 0’s. Remember this.


In short (and this is very paraphrased), AES is how THIS:

H e l l o

(1001000 1100101 1101100 1101100 1101111)

…turns into THIS:

3 0 9 4 5 f 4 y H J ! k 4 3 d h y i u # ; ’ l , i

(110011 110000 111001 110100 110101 1100110 110100 1111001 1001000 1001010 100001 1101011 110100 110011 1100100 1101000 1111001 1101001 1110101 100011 111011 100111 1101100 101100 1101001)

…before it leaves your device and goes out across the internet (and when you store something on your LUKS partition) :slight_smile:

That should give you an idea of what can be seen if you try and look at an encrypted partition.

Can you read it?
Of course you can.

Will it be coherent and “useful” information?
Probably not…at least, not without the correct key.

Can you “prevent brute force attempts on unlocking a hard drive”?
Not in any meaningful way…at least not in a way that prevents who you’re asking about.

But I could write some software that denies more than 3 attempts, right?
Any software preventing this would need to be running at the time of requesting the drive read…and they’d be a bit silly to access the drive through untrusted software…

Well, what about hardware/firmware in the drive?
Yes, that might slow them down. But ultimately there is a bunch of 1’s and 0’s SOMEWHERE on the drive (the hard drive discs or the NAND flash) that they will be able to read one way or another, either by software, or physical examination (with a microscope, etc).

So, I can’t stop them from brute-forcing my drive, or an image of my drive, with all their computing power?
…unfortunately not…

Is there any good news at all…?
Well…it would take every single semiconductor currently in existence on the planet (1.15 trillion) running non-stop in unison, up to 150,000 years (for the nerds, this number has been adjusted for parallel calculations) to correctly guess an AES-512 key, so you’ve got time to think about your next move (and maybe get a decent lawyer)… :stuck_out_tongue:

And just for completeness, while quantum computers do “try all possible keys simultaneously, and then the universe collapses all wrong solutions into the right key”, the universe thankfully still hasn’t worked out which key is the “right” key in every circumstance, so quantum brute-forcing isn’t actually as effective as we thought…yet :wink:

So I guess I should be much more worried about people getting hold of my key than my drive, right?
Now you’re talking sense!

Dog or cat?


Well detailed answer you are a pro.

Dogs are the best


It could even be significantly worse than that. We have no idea.

I wondered if qubehead38 was one of them because the words suggest such a joking lack of fear over how much better their tech is than the average user, even one using Qubes. of course they hoard 0days for debian and fedora. the best defense is to not stand out. Qubes protects people from a lot but you are choosing to stand out, to be build a neon pink and orange fortress and see what happens. Qubes offers great protection from moderate adversaries. For advanced adversaries, many of them are selected because they have abnormal intelligence, like a mutant with four arms.

never underestimate the technology of a superior adversary, ever

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