Global paste can't paste multiline statements

This worked the other day for me, not sure how it randomly stopped working.

I can copy/paste to and from qubes with the global clip board single line statements only. When I try to paste anything with a new line character (maybe?) Nothing happens. I think it’s new line characters, definitely anything more than a single line.

Nothing in /var/log/qubes/guid..log for the copier or paster. Not sure what happened. Any ideas?

Playing with it a bit more. It seems I can paste multiline statements into firefox. EG, I copy random stuff from a terminal and paste it in the address bar for firefox. It would seem I’m only experiencing this for my terminal. I can paste single line statements, any multiline statements in a terminal cause nothing to happen.

It could be a setting in that particular terminal emulator or a limitation of that terminal emulator. You could try installing a different terminal emulator (which might better suit your needs). This isn’t Qubes-specific, so you can probably find lots of good information on the Web by searching for best linux terminal emulator and similar queries.

Which terminal are you using?
Do you see the same effect when using xterm, uxterm

I’m running xfce4-terminal. This does seem to be exclusively a terminal thing. It would seem new lines are making it into the global clipboard, evidenced by being able to paste into firefox and now vim with the "+ register. Bizarrely, right clicking and pasting in vim doesn’t work either…

I don’t seem to have mouse support with xterm, but "+ register in vim works there too. Not quite sure how to copy and paste in terminal in qubes without mouse. I used to ctrl+shift+(c|v) but that’s the global clipboard here. ctrl+ins, shift+ins “doesn’t work” either.

In any event, I do have multiline support in VIM now, which is really what I needed. I can debug this at my leisure now, probably some dumb setting I changed or something.