Give users more BOOKMARKS

I would really appreciate if the mods of this Forum increased the number of Bookmarks a Forum user can make within x hours — and especially within 24 hours. I am new to Qubes and keep running out of bookmarks here, and I want more bookmarks because some of the steps I stumble across I haven’t made it to yet but found some answers a head of time; so I don’t have to ask my own questions and wish to bookmark these as I will need them but later not now.

So far I have resorted to an overflow method using my local phone storage by using my own notepad to record the URLs, though this is not ideal when all I want is more bookmark privileges as a user to save them here under my Forum account.

(I am not even sure why there is a limit on Bookmarks, like how would anyone spam or troll via bookmarking I don’t get it)

Image Description:
Screenshot of my Notepad note taker app on iPhone with the QubesOS logo and the header written as, “[square icon] Qubes Bookmarks” showing 2 recent URLs added

If it’s a setting we can tweak, I’m sure we can accommodate. But I’ll check with other mods and come back with an answer.


I am still running out of Bookmarks on the Forum

20 hours until Bookmarks reset
20 hours until heart-likes reset too lol

Oh well