Github Issue #7210 - qvm-open-in-dvm appears in list of Available Applications

Github Issue #7210 - qvm-open-in-dvm appears in list of Available Applications

Opened on Jan 17, 2022 by @unman :

As title.

The title could had been a little bit better. It should read:

QubesOS Edit in DisposableVM appears in list of Available Applications


This issue is extremely easy to fix. Qubes installs a helper .desktop file for QubesOS Edit in DisposableVM. It is here. Such kind of .desktop files are not supposed to be used as ordinary AppMenu entries. Or Launchers on your Desktop as independent launchers. They are supposed to be registered for certain MIME types. Comment on top of .desktop file explains it a little but I quote the official Freedesktop specifications:

NoDisplay means “this application exists, but don’t display it in the menus”. This can be useful to e.g. associate this application with MIME types, so that it gets launched from a file manager (or other apps), without having a menu entry for it (there are tons of good reasons for this, including e.g. the netscape -remote, or kfmclient openURL kind of stuff).

So it misses a very simple Keyword:


And you can see here that qubes.GetAppmenus correctly filters out .desktop files with the above Keyword via awk.


Fork qubes-core-agent-linux, fix the qvm-open-in-dvm.desktop file, send the pull request according to Qubes OS official contribution guidelines. I will leave this for one week here to see if anyone is interested to read the guidelines and have their name as contributor to Qubes OS project. Then I will take the necessary action myself.


git, github account. Being able to test the modified .desktop file in templates via App menu shortcut troubleshooting official guideline. Communication Skills.

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Very nice. For the next time, please use one of he keywords listed here to properly link the Github Issue wit the Github pull request.

You can change Addresses to something like Fixes if you know how to git commit --amend the previous commit comment and then git push --force. But this is not critical.

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I’ve edited to “fixes” and will use the git --commit command for the next issue when on my dev station.
Keep up the saintly work!

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@adw I appreciate if you could add pr submitted label to the above Issue.

Github sort does not bring it to recently updated Issues.

Done. Thanks!

For future reference: GitHub doesn’t create a notification for watchers of a repo when an issue in that repo is mentioned from a PR or a commit message in a different repo (even if you use an issue-closing keyword), so please also leave a comment on the issue (e.g., “I think I’ve fixed this. PR submitted.”). That will create a notification for “all activity” qubes-issues watchers (including me), so when I look at the issue, I’ll see that I need to remove needs diagnosis and add diagnosed and pr submitted.


I also see “Open File Manager” in minimal templates. No file manager opens, and I don’t think one is installed. Is this a similar issue?

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You’re correct that the reason no file manager opens is because you don’t have a file manager installed in your minimal template. Just to be clear, it’s not a bug that there’s no file manager installed in minimal templates by default. That’s intentional, as minimal templates are supposed to be minimal.

However, you could argue that the “Open File Manager” option shouldn’t be visible unless there’s a file manager installed. That would be a minor UX improvement, IMHO. Please feel free to open an enhancement issue for it, if you like (and if one doesn’t already exist).

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I was arguing that the “Open File Manager” shouldn’t be on minimal templates.

I would open an issue, but because of GitHub’s hostility to anon- or pseudonymous accounts, I can’t do that at this time. I’d love to get an anonymous account, but finding a temporary email account that works on GitHub is like looking for a needle in a haystack. And I have found providers that would work—like Gmail or Protonmail—to be equally hostile.

FYI, I was recently able to create a pseudonymous Github account over Tor using for email. It’s worked ok so far, anyway. (Not sure this is a recommendation of just saying it worked.)

I’ll be sure to check that out, thanks!