Github Issue #7022 - Provide

Continueing my project of Github issues cleansup

Issue #7022 - Provide

Opened by DemiMarie of core team on Oct 28, 2021:

Qubes OS doesn’t support the [security.txt] standard for machine-parsable vulnerability reporting information.

This is a very easy to solve issue. Also good for people who do not want to use Github. Simply see the details in comments. Create the Jekyll patch to repository. Test it locally (see README page on how to test it). Then create the pull request on Github or e-mail the diff file & details directly to Unman if you want to avoid Github.

This issue should not remain open after 3 years. I am leaving it to others who wanted to contribute.

Skills required:

git, diff, some HTML would help but is not necessary. Jekyll would help but is not really necessary.


That’s why it’s remained open for three years. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Explanation of joke to avoid misunderstanding)

What I mean is that all the people who are able and willing to implement this must have had the same thought, namely, “I’ll leave this for others who want to contribute.” Everyone else who read the issue was either unable or unwilling to do it. Hence, it still has not been done after three years.

I’m certainly not implying that you’ve done anything wrong, though! This is just a lighthearted observation. I think it’s perfectly valid for you to choose to leave it for others. You’re already doing a lot through this issue cleanup effort, and volunteers are always free to contribute however they wish. The project is always grateful to have any volunteer contributions at all! :slight_smile:


Well, it was indeed the perfect issue for my first contribution…

It wasn’t so easy because the current instructions to run the local version seem broken. Following this pull request was useful: Add new solution which works now on Fedora 38/39/40 and Debian 12 (both for GNOME and Xfce variants) by UndeadDevel · Pull Request #237 · QubesOS/ · GitHub


Perfect. Now we wait for it to be reviewed and hopefully approved. I believe Unman does the web site maintenance issues.

The title of the above issue is misleading without reading the issue description. @adw Could you change the title of the above issue to something like:

Solution for testing website locally which works now on Fedora 38/39/40...

You are right @adw. I corrected myself in the next forum posts on Github issues. I should have wrote: ‘I leave it here for others who might be interested for one week/month. Then I will come back and take the necessary action myself.’. My aim here is to get community members with different capacities and areas of interest involved (hopefully). We should use all potential without creation more trouble. The main reason that I try to avoid issues regarding documentation and website content is not because I find them boring or not interesting. It is because I am not a native English speaker.


FWIW, that’s not an issue; it’s someone website pull request. But sure, no problem. I’ve changed the title as requested.

That’s going above and beyond! Thank you! Again, I didn’t mean to suggest you should feel obligated to do stuff like that, but it’s much appreciated.

Couldn’t agree more! :slight_smile:

Could’ve fooled me. :slight_smile:

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