Github Issue #5257 - Clean up Fedora minimal package recommendations

This issue is simply very old and ancient:

Not valid anymore. The discussed document is pruned from website:

@adw Should the above issue be closed?

P.S. Notes to moderation: Is it possible to have Closed/Fixed/Solved/Has a solution check mark in General category for Github label? Or Maybe specific category to discuss and solve Github issues.

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While the original Github issue is from a user complaining about an invalid and outdated document, there is a reference to Cairo Renderer. This library used to be used a lot to draw vector graphics. It is now deprecated and is in maintenance mode (relevant discussion on the infamous orange site). This library is not used that much in Qubes OS anymore. I found it here in a tool written by Wojtek Porczyk over a decade ago to generate some simple Padlock icons for plymouth (boot process graphic. Most probably for luks unlock). But this is history as the new plymouth screen uses something else these days. Maybe if someone is into vector graphics with Python, they could rewrite it with a modern library just for fun. So we can remove python3-cairo from qubes-linux-utils dependencies for good.

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Closed with the following message:

This documentation was moved out of qubes-doc to the community documentation a long time ago. After several moves over the years, it now resides here:

Fedora Packages Recommendations

Since we don’t keep issues for unofficial documentation in qubes-issues, I’ll close this issue now.

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