Getting DreymaR's BBoT working?

Hey folks,

I’ve been thinking of switching back to colemak for the first time in a while (dropped it when I first jumped ship to linux – was using DreymaR’s EPKL BBoT), but since it doesn’t exactly exist here to the same extent, I just gave up. I’m now looking to get back into it, and I really don’t want just base colemak - I like being able to tweak it my way, and I still have my configs from years ago. As it currently stands, I tried setting up DreymaR’s, and it hasn’t exactly worked. On every reboot, the keyboard model always gets set back to gen 105 key, while I need the anglewide mod. Also, the keyboard is just stuck in qwerty in all other qubes? Like, in dom0, it works great, but outside of that, nothing.

Would I have to try installing it in my usb qube instead, and how would that work if it’s a dvm? I considered the template VM, but I think that wouldn’t work for one specific reason. Any appVM using the template is going to get it applied on TOP of the usb one, and that doesn’t really work. Any ideas would be appreciated, because tbh I’m a little lost here but would love to get this done <3

I didn’t use it myself, but it looks like that: Issues with Dreymar's BBKT [linux] - Technical - Colemak forum

You probably want to add a setxkbmap ... line into your .bashrc that sets the keyboard layout for you everytime you boot. I think you can print your current configuration with setxkbmap -query.

About templates, my experience is that xkbmap settings works across dom0 and vms, but xmodmap don’t (you need to install the xmodmap settings in every template). Sorry if it’s a bit technical. Actually I could never set it up exactly as I wanted cause first of all keymap configuration on Linux system is absurdly complicated.

Maybe ask Dreymar directly, he seems to understand it better than anyone else.