Getting custom kernel for surface pro working on qubes?

I am on a surface device. There is custom kernel available on surface here GitHub - linux-surface/linux-surface: Linux Kernel for Surface Devices
I know this kernel works for my device and have previously installed it on pop os and it was working flawlessly. Pop os uses kernel stub and sytemd boot, so i have working wiki for installing this kernel on systemd boot pop os and kernel stub with auto update on .
I noticed vm’s can have their own kernels in qubes.
Is it possible to install this kernel either in dom 0 or as a optional kernel for vm’s.
If this works, it would allow touch and surface pen functionality on my surface pro.
Regarding security, i like qubes mainly for compartmentalization and don’t really have a high threat model. So if this gives me a little convenience with cost of security, i might be willing to take that tradeoff, or atleast am curious enough to try.
Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.