Gentoo-xfce template -How to update / remove

I installed the gentoo-xfce template on my qubes 4.1. I have to say that I am using gentoo just for a few days and don’'t know much about gentoo at the moment, but definitely are willing to learn it. The perfomance of the gentoo template and the firefox on x11 is amazing. None vm starts so fast and has such great internet perfomance for me as gentoo… But updating gentoo has some errors and tells me that some packages are masked by ~amd64 keyword. I google a while and tried some changes accepting keywords but cannot reach the goal :wink: Does anybody know what is the correct way or emerge command to update it? Maybe I already did a big error and run emerge -udnav @world to update the complete template. This step took hours to compile and install everything again, but it is working. I already tried to install the gentoo template without -xfce, but that could not be installed correctly and I cannot delete the appmenue entry anymore. It will appear what ever I try. Here is a gentoo documentation about this problem, but unfortuntely it don’t work.
So pls can you tell me, too how to delete the gentoo templates correctly? I am bit afraid to uninstall my gentoo-xfce template and then I’ll get problem installing it again :wink:

$ rm ~/.local/share/applications/ doesn’t work to delete the appmenu entry and sudo dnf remove qubes-template- don*t find the template ,too. and reinstall with the action=reinstall command even is not working.

TemplateVMs | Qubes OS this is doc I already tried to remove

Just for a bit more understanding according to my update error. it is ~amd64 file and
Btw. it is not a big problem not to update and everything is working so far, just a complete system is always nice :wink: Another + for the gentoo-xfce template is that it is one of the less templates that has pulseadio enabled / working and you can attach a mic and else to these vm’s. It is very good developed and fits good for qubes. Just to understand ist is a bit difficult, but worth!

update: I found the new folder of the appmenus ~.local/share/qubes-appmenus
→ there still exist a gentoo folder. Deleting with rm should fix the showing entry in the appmenu. Maybe now the installation will work again :slight_smile: will try that these days and tell you here :slight_smile:
thank you for ur help!
Update: deleting this folder doesn’t fix the problem with the appmenu entry; hm. what else can I try to delete?

Updating the gentoo-xfce template emerge --sync runs now fine without any masked packages error or other, just the qubes updater says that that is not fully updated and if I run a update there then I will get several packages errors that cannot installed by the qubes-updater. emerge --sync says that not outdated packages were found on the system.
I even installed an compiled some useful apps like libreoffice and teams I need daily and it is working:) I now understand how to unmask a packages to /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords and the only problem I notice is the problem with the qubes updater. I will upload an screenshot later, which packages/ dependencies are my problem here .

qvm-copy-to-vm even runs fine, just if you want to copy sth. from the gentoo-xfce to another vm u need to run it in terminal and the windows pops up, where u can select the vm. Other way around it is working like usual and that defintely is not a big problem :slight_smile:
So it will be nice to know how to fix it that qubes-updater problem, but most is really nice! thank you for that great job @fepitre

next is the error I’ll get downloading the gentoo template. Niot the xfce-version. Here I even cannot delete that appmenu entry anymore and is another problem. The main topic here is about the gentoo-xfce and again nearly everything from that template is amazing ! thank you very much for that big and well done work!

You should start reading KEYWORDS - Gentoo Wiki. Please note I’ve made recent changes in default python target but if you used templates-community-testing you should be on a good basis. Also, you did not said what’s exactly the error with keyword is. Take a look at Remove not needed anymore testing for dev-ruby/minitest · QubesOS/qubes-builder-gentoo@60c03d4 · GitHub Add gtk3 for dev-libs/libdbusmenu · QubesOS/qubes-builder-gentoo@9fdf27b · GitHub the two recent changes in the keywords used.

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first of all thank you for the advises:) I read a last gentoo docs the last days and it is getting better and better hehe. I will summarize my post:

Gentoo-xfce Installed from the templates-community-testing repo :slight_smile:
Working and pro’s !

  • Updating in terminal sudo emerge --sync shows a complete updated system and no packages are outdated. First there exist a few mask package errors but the very first update I run, to update a gentoo-system that has not been updated for some month
    was : sudo emerge uDav --tree world and that fixed the errors with the mask packages in terminal that emerge --sync cannot fix. But after this updating portage,apps,config,sync…works
  • Unmasking packages with “autounmask function” of gentoo works fine, too.
  • Libreoffice, teams, terminals, thunderbird (x11), firefox (x11) everything I need for daily work runs fine in that template and the perfomance of the x11 apps is amazing!
  • Pulseaudio is working ,too and attaching a headset / microphone, webcam is no problem. Pulseaudio is not working easily at much templates; especially not the newer versions for example debian-11; arch, centos.
  • Gentoo is very customizable and u can build your “own” system
  • More secure as debian and other templates
  • Very good to learn linux foundings , like folder structure and such things equal to arch.

Not working:

  • Not much :wink:
  • Only updating over the Qubes-updater doesn’t work for me and always show that there are updates available, but terminal says: fully updated. Next are the details of the error from the Qubes-updater. Maybe it will help to tell me what packages I need to install /emerge how to fix that. But this problem doesn’t hurt my system and and I can use it without any other errors! The keywords in package.accept_keywords are like you told me here:
    QubesOS/qubes-builder-gentoo@9fdf27b · GitHub, but when I understand it right I don’t need these keywords anymore and can delete it. Maybe the qubes-updater works. I will try that.

    Thank you again for this amazing work.

Solution for the gentoo standard template appmenus entry:

Now to the problem with the existing folder, after I uninstalled the gentoo template:
It was not enough to delete the folder in ./local…/qubes-appmenus , there is an other directory in that folder called “desktop-directories” and there even exists a link to my gentoo. After deleting that it was fixed and the entry is not here anymore :slight_smile:
Installing the template again shows me the error: Failed to download metadata for repo "qubes-dom0-chached’ : Yum repo downloading error from file ///var/lib/qubes/updates/repodata/xxxxxxlongnumber;)-primary.xml.gzwas successful but error while checksumming: fsync failed: input /output error but that is wayne and I prefer the xfce version and just wanna tell you, because I tried it,too.

Update 1) gentoo-xfce After adding the keywords to /accept_keywords
Adding the keywords from /dev-ruby-2.7r1 “works” so far and now there is an other error in the qubes updater, that already a process with this uuid xxxx , but I restarted several times and there cannot be any old update progress running.

How can I delete the old dispmgt-gentoo-xfce update chache or whatever?
And very thank you for your help again, I will take a look and get a bit more confident with github and will do the reports in future there :slight_smile:
Much blesses and stay healthy

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Thank you very much for your feedback. You can stay tuned on related enhancement tasks:"C%3A+Gentoo" notably related to appmenu update. As far as I remember, there is no hook system in Portage so when emerging a package there is no way for trigger appmenu sync. Maybe a wrapper like pacman would solve this. For the keywords, they are not necessary fixed indeed. The current state of keywords is for allowing a full rebuild every week without any issue :slight_smile:


Hey:) I installed a fresh qubes, because there were too much changes and to annoying to repair it all hehe. But it was not a bad solution because now I got the gentoo template working, fully updated.
I think it is important after installing the gentoo template, first run sudo emerge --sync in terminal and then see the messages, usually the next step is eselect news and then it tells u that portage needs an update. And this u need to do then, and after all the gentoo template is completely updated and do not show any masked packages errors or sth. else and the Qubes updater has no updates, too! So everything is working. Just running the updates over the qubes updater for the first time can be a problem and even you updated gentoo in terminal ,then the updater has updates left, but cannot install it because of missing dependencies. But that is wrong messages and the qubes updater only did not recognize that gentoo is fully updated. But that is only if you do not the updates over the terminal for the first time :slight_smile: So know the next days I will write it to github again, but this topic now is completely working! Thank you again for your great work and stay healthy!

  1. install gentoo /xfce template from community testing repo
  2. update gentoo in terminal sudo emerge --sync
  3. read the news eselect news
  4. update portage of gentoo
  5. run sudo emerge --sync again and now the gentoo template is working and the qubes updater doesn’t show any updates:)
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