Gentoo issues with (high-)dpi and u2f

I’m running a few Gentoo-based qubes for about half a year now, so first of all thanks a lot foo this great template @fepitre !

However, since a recent emerge world I’m having a few issues and before diving into troubleshooting mode I wanted to check if anyone is seeing this or if it’s specific to my installation:

  • my (high)dpi settings are ignored by Gentoo-based qubes. I have an entry in .Xresources and also a setting in “xfce4-appearance-settings” (not sure which of these was effectively used) with 164 dpi and this was working fine for months. Recently every is displayed with 96dpi again. (non-gentoo qubes still work with their dpi settings)
  • u2f-proxy doesn’t seem to work. I use a Yubikey in several qubes, but in the Gentoo-based qubes it is not working (while everything works in non-Gentoo qubes) - not quite sure if this was ever working in Gentoo though

Anyone else seeing such or similar behavior in general/after recent upgrades?


Answering my own questions:
The problem was related to gnome-settings-daemon taking precedence over .Xresources.
Unfortunately the available scaling options in gnome-settings-daemon are not good enough, so I simply disabled it and have my .Xresource definition back.
u2f-proxy may have never worked and still isn’t for me.

But unfortunately usb-passthrough (i.e. audio and webcam devices) recently stopped working (after a series of updates). The updates took down X completely, I had to revert qubes-gui-agent to a version < 4.2.0. I’ll try the same with USB proxy to see if it comes back.

@fepitre any comments on the usage of 4.2.0 agent versions? They made their way into the system without my intervention, so I assumed they are safe to use.

I’m far from updating R4.2.0 (current master branch on qubes-gentoo overlay) and this is why there is no Gentoo template for now for upcoming R4.2.0. I encourage you to download latest Gentoo template for 4.1 that has been built last month and updated.

I am using the 4.1 template but apparently 4.2 agent versions have been merged during emerge world. Maybe the masking is not working as intended, but I don’t think I have manually unmasked anything.

Works for me with /etc/portage/repos.conf/qubes.conf:

location = /var/db/repos/qubes
sync-uri =
sync-type = git
sync-git-verify-commit-signature = true
sync-openpgp-key-path = /usr/share/openpgp-keys/9FA64B92F95E706BF28E2CA6484010B5CDC576E2.asc
sync-openpgp-key-refresh = false
auto-sync = yes
sync-git-clone-extra-opts = --branch release4.1

Note the last line. You can also go to /var/db/repos/qubes and use the git commands (status/checkout/pull).

right the last line was missing in my template. After adding it the tools were all downgraded to pre-4.2 versions.

Thanks for the hint.