FYI : May 21st '23 Dom0 update TEMPORARILY shuts out USB mouse / keyboard

The latest Dom0 update locks out USB mouse and keyboard but it’s only temporary.
Personally I waited while it updated the other templates then unplugged keyboard and mouse and plugged them back in and all is well.
I guess that would work straight away?

the best option for mouse and keyboard operation problems, is to reinstall VM:sys-usb. Below are the instructions for performing this operation.

  1. In the GRUB boot screen, press the “e” key and in the module2 section, go to the end of the line and after the very word rhgb add qubes.skip_autostart.

  2. Press ctrl+x to apply the changes and boot the system. VMs will not start automatically, while mouse and keyboard support will be taken over by Dom0.

  3. remove VM sys-usb.

  4. run the command line on Dom0, and then type the command

sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.usb-keyboard

  1. Restart the computer.

After these steps, all devices should work properly.

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That’s because of the qrexec updates. Unplugging and plugging them back is fine as you make them visible to the service again.

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Thanks guys