Fully replace sys-whonix with core-tor

Generally, it works just fine with anon-ws-disable-stacked-tor configuration. but systemcheck still does not pass and sdwdate does not work as expected. I wonder how does it search for tor control socket and why it cannot reach the one on core-tor (btw, does fw-tor let it through?)

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do you have any specific reasons why you want to replace sys-whonix with core-tor?

because it is lightweight, uses unified debian-core template, has protected rootfs and is running in my system already.

How about torified update? How about stream separation? Does core-tor provide all the desirable functions that sys-whonix provide?

Torified update, yes (and better). Stream separation: probably not yet but doable (not a high priority for me), aren’t modern versions of tor handling this internally good enough?