Fullscreen GUI monde

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

How can I start a debian/fedora appVM but in full screen like here https://www.qubes-os.org/attachment/wiki/HvmCreate/r2b1-win7-usb-disable.png ?

Someone talked to me about that

qubes.SetGuiMode - called in HVM to switch between fullscreen and seamless GUI mode. The service receives a single word on stdin - either FULLSCREEN or SEAMLESS

But I don’t know how to use it

So if someone know a way don’t hesite :slight_smile:

(I’m on QubesOS 4.0.3)

Thanks in advance

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Hi @quququbebebe,
I use Alt+F11 for switching my video windows in full screen (see fill screen mode).
Note: Alt+F11 again to exit the full screen mode.

The documentation explains also the settings in the /etc/qubes/guid.conf file.