Full-Disk Encryption With cryptsetup/LUKS and Smartcard

Hello everyone,

nice to be here.
I would like to implement the following configuration:

The encrypted hard disk should be able to be unlocked using a very long passphrase in LUKS slot 1, and it should also be possible to unlock it using an OpenPGP key from a smartcard in slot 0.

There are corresponding instructions, but for a Debian/Ubuntu.

I have tried to adapt these, but have already failed to pass the smartcard through to dom0 during setup.

Has anyone already tried this or can give me a tip on how I can get access to the smartcard/smartcard reader (on Thinkpad T460s with smartcard reader) in dom0?

Greetings from germany.

Is there any news since QubesOS 4.2 and Fedora 37 as dom0.

It was also discussed in the Purism forum.