Full Disk Encryption: How I know which keyboard layout is used in the ramfs password prompt?

Firstly I complety know my hard drive password and I confirmed that it works opening it witha a Live USB, but When I try to type the password in the password prompt it never gets it right.

I am sure way beyound any reasonable doubt that is a problem with keyboard layout configuration, the point is that my computer has a American layout keyboard and I configured Neo2 at installation time but for what I remember Grub has little to no hability to change layout, but because grub is no the one asking the question of what is my password but some liveramfs I am not sure what layout is being used.

Another thing to watch out for (particularly if you are using a laptop) is that NumLock can sometimes be “on” without you knowing it. My laptop has no way of indicating this, so it caused me no end of trouble until I took out the piece of felt that was there to protect the screen while the laptop was closed. (This would toggle the NumLock sometimes–without my knowing about it.) So now I have a scuffed-up screen but at least I can log in.

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the passphrase is asked after grub, during initramfs. My french layout was recognized correctly out of the box because I chose it during installation.

I’m not sure, but I think this is defined through systemd: using localectl set-keymap keymap (you may need to try localectl set-keymap --no-convert keymap if you don’t want a variant approximation).

Possible workaround: press e on grub menu then type your password anywhere in it until you identify all the keys. Then delete it and exit grub continuing to password prompt now typing properly identified keys.

It is no being asked by Grub.

I know it wasn’t. But it’s there you can check what are you typing, meaning if layout and password are good. That was the idea…

Grub and prompt keyboard layouts may be not the same

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did you try to use localectl set-keymap to set a global keymap on dom0? You would have to make the initramfs again.

No, is just a fresh installlation.

Try and tell.

Here is irrelevant, but my Grub layout is US and my prompt layout is my user layout. I already logged in my system

I am not sure anymore if you resolved your issue, and how, to be honest.

I put with extreme caution my password in both layouts GRUB and User