Full-desktop Linux VM on Qubes?

Is it really not possible to install a full-desktop Linux, as a VM on Qubes?

I want something (e.g. Debian, Ubuntu, or any other Linux) in a separate window with the full desktop experience - including the usual Qubes integration (clipboard copy/paste, file copy/move).

(You know, just like Windows VMs already behave on Qubes)

If anyone here has done this successfully, please report here on how you did it. Thank you so much.

This has already been documented:

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Thanks, but the Google thread (linked to from one of the pages) is huge and it’s from 2013. Too much info to wade through and decipher for me - please pardon my newbieness.

Really, if anyone here has done this recently on Qubes 4.1 and you could write down some idiot-proof steps I can follow, I’d be grateful. (Even happy to pay you assuming you can accept Bitcoin (or other cryptos))

The first link contains all the steps required.

It’s a good idea to read instead of just blindly typing some random commands, at least you have a higher chance of understanding what you’re doing on your system.

That said, these are the two sections you should be looking at:

  1. Standalones and HVMs | Qubes OS
  2. Standalones and HVMs | Qubes OS
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Setting up Linux in an HVM is not the issue.

The main issue (I should have emphasized this more in my post, sorry) is getting the copy-pasting and file move/copy working. That’s what that massive Google thread from 2013 was about.

I’ll rephrase the question: Has anyone here recently (on Qubes 4.1), gotten a Linux HVM to properly support copy-pasting and file move/copy across qubes? Please inform us how you pulled it off.