From 4.1 to 4.2, I am no more able to configure devices connected to USB

Hello friends, I tried 3 days, but I need some help.

Using release 4.1 I had different service qubes connected each to a different USB controller. Now with 4.2 I am no more able to get it working.

The main problem is that with version 4.2 I cannot detach any usb controller from sys-usb to connect it with say sys-usb-clone-1, because to detach the USB controller from sys-usb I need to shutdown sys-usb, and if I shutdown it, then the mouse stops working. Without mouse how can I detach USB controllers?

I even tried to attach the USB controllers in the dvm template that I created to support sys-usb-clone-1 disposable, but it tells that:
“can’t attach PCI device to VM in pvh mode”

So, I find no way, I’m really confused. If you know how to solve it, please help your friend here.

You can disable qubes autostart like this:

And without sys-usb starting your mouse and keyboard will be connected to dom0 so you can freely clone your sys-usb and attach different USB controllers to each of them.

Hello, many thanks for your help,
I tried your suggestion, but now the mouse is always disconnected and without mouse I am only able to control dom0 terminal with the keyboard.

During boot it gives an error:

so I tried systemctl that was mentioned in the error message and got:

And now?
any suggestion?

Did you remove the PCI devices that you’ve attached to sys-usb-clone-1 and sys-usb-clone-2 from sys-usb?
For mouse to work you need to configure the corresponding USB Input devices qrexec policy for the new sys-usb qube that has USB controller to which your USB keyboard and mouse are connected to. Open the Qubes Global Config → USB Devices and you can configure keyboard/mouse policy for new qubes there.

Yes and I checked everything various times because I know it is a dangerous matter

What’s the output of this command in dom0 terminal?

systemctl status qubes-vm@sys-usb.service | cat

Many thanks again
I may imagine sys-usb, sys-usb-clone-1, sys-usb-clone-2 have all keyboard/mouse attached to. This may be the reason for the error. But now, you mention Qubes Global Config → USB Devices: is there a way to open it without a mouse?

Alt+F3 → type global and press Enter. Then use Tab, Shift+Tab and arrows.

Many many thanks @apparatus, your trick worked perfectly. I was able to regain control of the machine and found that yes sys-usb had only keyboard and mouse USB controller, but sys-clone-1 and sys-clone-2 kept not only their dedicated controller, but also mouse and keyboard controller. And I checked various times.

Wow this matter is now so delicate that a small error may get you unable to access your machine.

But now version 4.2 is installed and working :heart_eyes: :rofl:

So many thanks again @apparatus