Fresh Re-install of Qubes, versus upgrade, from a security standpoint

What circumstances indicate that I should wipe drive and do a complete re-install. I am also thinking of (yeah a pain) resetting the Qubes to the number of Qubes, configured as I want. and only bring over Data. Previously, I could not find SSD software for that. So I put several large movies onto a flash drive, Formatted the drive as NTFS, and wrote those movies over and over all through the drive. I know an SSD still have some places that it reserves for throwing into the mix if some part of the SSD fails. Meaning, there maybe something else in SSD I can’t rewrite.

Which brings up, What is a good method to wipe SSD’s rather than just writing the tables on the drive.

Also, It suggests I should create a method to know exactly how to create, configure all the Qubes I now have. And exactly which software is installed where.

In my experience, a lot of back-ups, particularly interval back ups, find unique and creative ways to fail on restore. I trust in having several complete clones of computer hard drive. But then, I used to use software for clones from spinning hard drive manufacturers, slow but reliable. Like at least three clones. Then, in addition, several USB Flash drives to hold the irreplaceable data, like passwords, website names.

Good Idea, once every six months?

Someone with Security experience want to offer thoughts, a methodology to this?

Perhaps a suggestion for the areas most likely to have acquired a security issue? Like rewriting all the Networking every so often?


There is no reliable indicator of a compromise. See this article:

  • When your operating system has issues that it shouldn’t have
  • If you don’t trust the upgrade process reliability (just in case of upgrade)
  • If you want to test your backups (it’s better to do that on a spare computer)