Fresh Install Boot Hanging at systemd-hostnamed.service

Being a Qubes user for a few years now I’ve generally always had problems booting Qubes OS on my Zotac Magnus ONE, namely bootlooping with multiple monitors attached. After using 4.2 RC for awhile I decided to do a fresh Install of 4.2.1, I’m probably on my 6th reinstall and I’m running into a reoccurring problem where my new install hangs about 80% of the time during the boot process at

Started systemd-hostnamed.service Hostname Service

I’m just hoping to see if anyone has been experiencing similar issues or any insight into why this is happening?

I guess it’s outputting the video to another GPU or GPU port.
What GPU/GPUs do you have and how are your monitors attached to them during the boot?

I have to turn off my additional monitors off during boot which I always do. I have 4 monitors 3 through a dedicated GPU and one through iGPU.

So if you turn off the 3 monitors connected to dGPU and only leave the single monitor connected to iGPU then you’ll see the dom0 GUI loaded on this monitor?