Freezing animation on new install

Hello community,
I just decided to switch to Qubes OS from Arch, my machine is Lenovo Legion Pro 7i, Intel i9 13900HX, RAM 64 Gb, Nvidia RTX 4070. I have issue with desktop environment, it is very slow and freezing, any mice movement or tipping is very delayed. I thought it is problem with nvidia card, I tried to install newer drivers, but I can not to do so in dom0, because for example sudo dnf install akmod-nvidia gives me error than no matches found.

Can you help me, please?

Here is the NVIDIA driver installation guide. It’s old and I don’t know if it works with Qubes 4.1 or 4.2. If you have a new installation, you have nothing to lose anyway. Your best bet might be to try installing the latest kernel, just in case.

Thank you for reply, updating of kernel resolved my problem!)

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