Framework laptop onboard microphone fails after some time running (sample rate error?)

Hello, all! I am breaking the several issues I’m trying to resolve into separate topics to hopefully make it easier to help.

This issue I am having is that the integrated microphone works well when I boot Qubes and for some time thereafter, but seems to eventually fail as far as VM connection goes. I seem to be able to reproduce this regularly after using the microphone via Alsa in Wine for 5 minutes or so, on one of my VMs. I guess maybe Wine is causing it to fail somehow? I’m not sure yet what is killing it.

Once it fails to work, I then check in Pulse Audio Volume Manager, and the VMs say they are connected (blue bar moves when there is sound going in) and they are connecting the input device and not the monitor of the input device. I checked that based on another forum topic here (Microphone connection problems with a VM - #2 by marmarek). Despite the Volume Manager looking promising, the VMs themselves fail to even initialize the microphone once it fails. Audacity returned this error, for example: “Error opening recording device. Error Code: -9997 Invalid Sample Rate.”
How can I troubleshoot so I can provide more useful information to anyone who might want to help?

So I can further clarify that this happens predictably after 3 or 4 minutes of microphone use, which then disables the onboard microphone for any uses in any VMs somehow. It feels like it crashes that hardware device…Is there a command I can run to look at the logs in dom0 for the microphone? I so far have been seeing dmesg or journalctl tend to be used for these things, but how do I specifically find the micropone in the logs?