Forum syntax

I don’t know if I have dust in my eyes, but where is it possible to find easy help about this forum syntax ?
I had a hard time finding it :

  • I didn’t know that this forum was using “discourse”
  • but even then, the discourse website has NO help/documentation link ! o_O

For anyone looking for the same thing, I found this : An Unofficial Discourse User Reference Guide

From previous link I learnt that the syntax is called markdown (or commonmark ?), and you can read a quick guide here: Markdown Reference

TL;DR, forum help :

I think there should be a sticky somewhere, looking for “forum syntax” provides 0 results ! Well, maybe one after I post ? ^^

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Yes! It is markdown :slight_smile:

This may be a problem best addressed with the discourse folks at

I believe when you start typing your first post, on the righ-hand side of the editor a thing pops up mentioning it uses markdown as the syntax. But it’s easy to miss. So I would encourage you to create / search for solutions on and talk to the developers that this is an issue.

Tip: if there is something fancy you see in a post and you wanna know how the user did that syntax-wise, you can select that text with the mouse and click on the “quote” that will pop up. Then you’ll see the markdown the user used there.

Yeah, I found it the hard way ^^
It’s ok now, old reflexes came back, last time I heavily used markdown was 10 years ago …
Also I found quick help and links in the Qubes doc Documentation style guide, like Daring Fireball: Markdown Syntax Documentation, from the markdown author himself IIRC.

So yes it’s on me, I got dust in my eyes, missed that one ^^

Yeah I should, but it’s rather incredible there’s not a single easily accessible “help/syntax” link on its frontpage, like nearly all software projects o_O
Maybe cause markdown became so ubiquitous ?

Anyways, thanks for your answer !


Yes, I think that’s why. Markdown is basically the de facto standard markup language now.