Forum "Q" favicon same as official Qubes website, leading to browser tab confusion

Small thing, but leading to some non-zero levels of frustration:

The blue hexagonal “Q” icon that appears on the firefox tab for a qubes-os.discourse page is exactly the same as the icon used for Tabs from each site are indistinguishable.

Frequently, now, I find myself moving between these tabs, e.g. following advice on here, cross-referencing to the Qubes documentation, and maybe a Google group page in there or two, and it gets pretty confusing.

Since there is a focus on problem-solving here, one’s working memory can be close to overload with the subject-matter. Remembering which little blue Q is Discourse or docs is a needless hassle.

Can you change the icon slightly? A Q-in-a-box or something?


Or an overlapping “QC” for Qubes Community.

(Updated title to be more descriptive.)

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Hi @ToastedCoral thanks for your feedback. We (mods) have been brainstorming and we’ll be going with the following:


This should solve all the problem of confusion with the website, while still keeping the Qubes aesthetics. It’s basically taken from here (and it also happens to be my user pic :wink: )


Thanks @ToastedCoral for bringing this up. As @deeplow said, the mods have been discussing this in a thread on this topic. It is a very valid point to raise and we thank you for doing so. Visual cues are an important part of multi threaded processes. It was agreed that the icon of @deeplow would be very fitting to address this scenario and also recognise the contributions that @deeplow has made to the community at the same time.

Thank you for pointing this out, it is very much appreciated.


Great, I like all that. Thanks!