Forum dark mode request

I have dark mode set as my default in the Qubes forum, but it only works if I’m logged in. Is it possible to enable the dark mode toggle in the hamburger menu or sidebar for anyone to use? For examples, see or Sidebar theme toggle - theme-component - Discourse Meta

Even better, does anyone know if there’s a URL query that would avoid visiting the default light mode version of the forum? For example, I use the following with duckduckgo, which works well to avoid blue light altogether: x

Add this to the end of the forum url ?preview_theme_id=1

Like this:


I don’t think many know this is an option.

Maybe it would be possible to add a button/link to help users enable dark mode, doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just the standard moon icon should be enough to help anyone looking for dark mode.

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Sorry, you can also find it via the user’s preferences:

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Yes, it works with no issues when you are logged in, but there is no way to switch to dark mode when not logged in.

If you are using disposable qubes for your browser, mullvad/tor browser, librewolf, or any other browser that resets cookies, then you have to log in every time you start the browser to get dark mode, or know the preview parameter option.

The qubes forum was one of the few pages I couldn’t change to dark mode, having a single all white fullscreen page at night, when everything else is in dark mode, can be a little rough on the eyes.


Just enabled the following. I hope this helps.

You should now be able to switch to dark mode from the bottom of the left-side panel.

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Yes, that works, thanks.

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